General Update

After much consideration I decided to drop this class to be able to focus on my thesis and some other parallel projects I am working on.
I am doing an internship at Sagatiba where I am implementing a mini CRM tool for them to organize their events, contacts, and promotional material.
I am also developing an application for a photo exhibit that will allow the visitors to call a number from their cell phones, select their language of preference, and then hear the description and comments of each photograph in the gallery. I will be using Asterisk – an open source platform that handles the incoming calls and voice recordings.
Finally, I set myself solid on the idea of an interactive and self paced series of photography
exercises aimed at improving your basic shooting techniques. These exercises are delivered to the user’s mobile phone. They can take the pictures with their camera phones or regular digital cameras. Each person is assigned to a small group of other users that are going through the exercises. A peer review mechanism is in place where you are able to give and get feedback on your results. My mission now is to be able to summarize this idea into a more cohesive and concise project…

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