In Portugal!

After a 2 hour delay in NY because of storms the flight took off… as usual I fell asleep, not before asking the flight attendant to wake me up for the film. Good film with Edward Norton and Naomi Watts – The Painted Veil – takes place in China.
DAY 1 – Got to Portugal and hopped in a cab to Joao’s place… outside of Lisbon in Comporta…
Got some pictures on the ferry boat ride over:

Finally got to his place after about one hour – very nice place all in wood and with a WOLF… along his other 3 dogs and horses.

Went to lunch at “Aqui Ha Peixe” and had some “Arroz com Chocos” – black rice with a kind of octopus with the ink – excellent. Andrea arrived shortly after amidst the caipirinhas… watched the sunset, the moon rise and finally made it home at around 1 in the morning – excellent welcome day!
DAY 2 – went to Lisbon with Andrea, bought a pre-paid phone number so that I can be “connected” and a universal power plug adapter to power up my toys 🙂
Then went to see Ellipse Foundation exposition. Interesting art work and very cool place.
After picking up her Spanish friend – Mario – from a 5 day Tai-Chi retreat, we went to Guincho – one the best windsurfing spots in the world – was dying to go in as well – the wind was blowing at around 35knots and there was a wave competition going on, so obviously took the camera out and fired away.

We then went to SushiMoto in Estoril to eat and met up with Sarah, a friend of hers. We ended up in a bowling alley – loads of fun – also played some pool and video games.
Ended up crashing at Andrea’s place because Joao’s place is just a tad too far to go at night (1 hour from Lisbon).
DAY 3 – rented a car to be mobile, took a look at the Marina de Cascais which was opening when I was last here in 1999, and came back to Joao’s place – fixed the internet so now back online!!!

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  1. E aí Lucas,

    As fotos estão ótimas, no entanto eu deveria ter sençurado as minhas fotos da rede representativas de tremenda ressaca hehehe.

    vou continuar atento a sua viagem, boa sorte.

    p.s. Se a sua amiga trabalha com Buli tente que ela reserve uma mesa para voce, vale a pena, é pura cultura gastronómica

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