LDT Seminar – Week 5 – Scholarship Briefs


Scholarship Briefs

Take two learning problem proposed in class (your own AND someone else’s). Research them in the literature, and extend it based on at least 2-3 scholarly sources. One should provide data about what is currently known about the learning “problem,” another should suggest a possible approach to designing a solution. Enrich your learning problem statements using information you find and add citations to your sources. Post your updated “problems” here.


Alex is a motivated young developer who wants to teach people how to program for the new AppleTV OS that recently came out. He has never taught before and thinks that offering this course online will supplement his income.

He has looked at several MOOCS, online courses, course marketplaces, YouTube videos and other several examples he found online. He feels like he does not know where to start in creating, organizing and delivering the course material.

How will he engage with the students? How will the students help each other? How will he handle student’s questions? How will he assess if his teaching is effective? How will he track the progress of all of the students?

To address this challenge he could use frameworks such as Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) and SAMR Model to guide him through the process.

Resources providing data about what is currently known about the difficulties and frustrations in creating and managing online courses: 

Resources providing possible approaches to designing a solution: