Tech 4 Learners – Week 5 – Class Notes

Worked some more on generating ideas today.

Project with OMS taking the following shape:

Needs Statement

“A” is a shy pleaser who needs to practice creating his own words in order to facilitate him communicating with others.


Stimulate “A” to generate words by watching engaging videos he can relate to.

  1. Teacher explains that they are going to play a game of making the video even better by adding new  words to it.
  2. Teacher selects a video of interest from YouTube
  3. Teacher puts headphones on herself and starts a narrating session to model the behavior.
  4. Teacher puts headphone on A so that he can listen to the video with the narration.
  5. Teacher prompts A to do his own recording and starts a narration session.
  6. A listens to narrated video.
  7. Option to save session or go again.
  8. A is prompted to choose another video to narrate

Questions to ask:

    • Does he follow any sport on TV?
    • What does he like to watch on YouTube?
    • Does he verbalize while watching videos?
    • Is he comfortable wearing headphones?
    • How well does he type?
    • How well does he use an iPad on his own?
    • What Apps does he use if any?
    • Does he listen to music?
    • Does he sing?
    • Can he describe objects when prompted?
    • What are ‘easy’ things for him to do?
    • What are the things that seem ‘hard’ for him to do?
    • Does he say no when he does not want or like something?

Some initial videos:

Harlem Globetrotters

Hot Wheels

Back up plan: 

Cartoons where he will fill in the blanks typing in the missing text then repeating what he wrote.

Hot-Wheels-1 Hot-Wheels-2