Learning Environments – Week 7 – Reading Assignment

“Within these multiple overlapping zones, students navigate by different routes and at different rates. But the push is toward upper, ratherthan lower, levels of competence.” (Brown, 1994)

For me this is a key take-away from this piece since it sums up the power of well lead group activities or discussions and seems to potentialize ZPD. Not only there is a common ZPD for the group, but individual ZPDs can be attended to by not one but several people at once.

The shared responsibility of the learning goal for the group also tends to be higher than that it would be for an individual. Not only can people feed of each other’s knowledge but their own shortfalls will be covered by others. The feeling of community and being part of a team also helps to upward spiral this synergic effect.

The meaning of the group can also be more encompassing by including the learners home environment, culture and funds of knowledge. If these factors are also seen as multiple overlapping ZPDs, the outcomes of learning are probably exacerbated and reach the student’s extended learning community.