Learning Environments – Week 7 – Class Notes

The Reading Czars this week outdid themselves 🙂 The group was divided into two. My group met in the classroom.

Lego Run:


We were divided into 2 competing groups. Each group was given a set of Lego pieces – the same required to build a model. This model can only be seen by the Observer, who describes to the Runner  what it looks like. The Runner then tells the Builder about the model, who tries to build it as precisely as possible. In the middle of the exercise, an extra Runner was added, which sped up the process immensely. Less waiting time for the Builder. More bite sized instructions.

Model -> Observer -> Runner -> Builder -> Replica



The second half was going to the Windhover Contemplative Center. No electronics allowed inside. We all got one of two texts to reflect upon.




After reflection period inside we debriefed at the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden

o-2  o

Second half of class we discussed the readings.