My Bike Was Stolen :(

Last night my bike was stolen!

As you can see from my previous post – it was happily tied up to a street sign for the past year and a half or so with no problems. Many people leave their bikes on the streets like I did, and I never noticed one of them missing.
This bike was special.
It was a classic – a 1980’s Peugeot mountain bike – back when the geometry of mountain bikes were more like road/racing bikes – no suspensions – thumb shifters – Shimano Deore XT – only the rear gears were indexed – heavy as hell but a tank!
My father got it back in the days but I quickly adopted it as my own whizzing around the streets of São Paulo. I went everywhere with that bike.
I brought it to New York back in 1997 when I was living here last. It was my second bike – or the bike people used when they came to visit me.
When I left New York, I left the bike behind and my friend Phillip decided to keep it in his house in Washington.
9 years later I go move back to New York and go “rescue” her from Phillip’s garage. It was intact – the gears were still well adjusted, the breaks worked fine – apart from no air in the tires, it was ready to be ridden again.
Last summer I took a trip around the world and took it with me!
So if someone sees it, please let me know!!