Nature of Code Final Idea

For my final I decided to continue my “Male Female” code by adding food, reproduction, and genetic algorithms. Here are some of the basic rules I am imagining:

  1. Male and Females are attracted to each other
    1. Sex drive makes them seek more
    2. Charm makes them be more successful in pairing up
  2. They eat
    1. The more they eat the slower they get
    2. If they don’t eat enough, they don’t make it to the mating area
  3. They can only mate in certain areas (migration)
    1. They only go to the migration areas when they are paired up
    2. Going to mating areas requires energy and makes them hungry
    3. If they get too hungry they give up on mating
  4. They need food to have enough energy to get the mating areas
    1. Some animals can hold more food than others
  5. Once they mate, they die
  6. Kids inherit the properties of the parents with a bit of mutation

Properties or DNA:

  1. Appetite vs. Sex drive
  2. Stomach size vs. Charm

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