Ubiquitous Computing for Mobile Devices Final Project

After having two fellow ITPers come up to me asking me if I was a professor I started thinking about the first impressions we have of people and how we perceive ourselves in one way and other people see us in another way. Or sometimes you are simply not aware of the image you are presenting to the world.

It would be interesting to find out how other people see me… both people who know me/interact with me and people who just see me walking by.

Based on that I teamed up with Caleb and Joo-Youn to create a mobile app to explore this fact.

After some brainstorming, we came up with a game/social network/informative site. Here it how it might work:

  1. First we pre-populate the database with all of ITP student’s names and pictures
  2. We then send out a picture of someone to your phone
  3. You then have to find that person and take a picture with them
    1. You can “pass” that person by replying with the word “NEXT”
  4. Upload the picture to our system to get points
  5. Get extra points by tagging the person with a one word adjective
  6. Get the following picture
  7. The more points you have, the more often your picture will be sent
  8. On the web you will see the adjectives people have been described
  9. You can send us the phone number of a friend to invite them to the game
    1. They will receive a message asking for their name and picture
  10. You can see what people have said about you by sending the word “TAGS”
  11. If you tag someone with the same adjective they tagged you, you are a match and both get a message

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