Noam Gordon x2

Met up with Noam in person finally! We worked together in the past building Dial.Radio – a Firefox OS project – amongst several other design projects.

Went for some beers on Thursday at a local bar where apparently Elon Musk usually goes to. The bar is called “Antonio’s Nut House” – free peanuts guarded by a gorilla – peanut shells MUST be thrown on the ground.

Yesterday we ran into each other again at the park behind my house – he brings his dog every day – it’s one of the few parks that people let there dogs off the leash around here.

He was swinging at some tennis balls against the wall they have there so I joined in a little – hadn’t played tennis for quite a few years – my shoulder felt fine – maybe I should get back into playing again 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 8.04.42 AM