Notes on Chinese Tea

Was looking through some stuff left from the trip and found this very interesting list of teas and their effects that I got while I was in Beijing (had to “translate” a little from the strange English)
1. Litchi Tea (Black Tea) – stimulates the appetite. Add rose bud tea to reduce age spots.
2. Green Tea – enhances memory, reduces alcohol and cigarette hangovers, postpones aging and resists cancer
3. Imperial Oolong Tea – warms up the stomach, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammations, add red dates to improve your blood quality.
4. Jasmine Tea – cools you down, improves live functions, improves the eyesight and makes you resistant to radiation(!!??)
5. Pu-erh Tea – lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Burns fat and makes you sleep. Add fresh ginger slices to treat arthritis.
Enjoy you teas!