Qualitative Research – Week 10 – Class Notes

Group discussion on first half of the class about McDermott’s readings. Very interesting discusssion all over. Denise was very happy with all that we learned and how deep our discussions were.

Second half of class we talke about ‘alternative/artistic’ research.

  • Poets and dancers choose to present data through their art.
  • Are novels research?
  • The Dead Poet Society could be as valuable as research – don’t care about the source as long as it promotes learning and interesting observations
  • Arts based qualitative researches
  • Research goes into the process of creating art, but is the expression of it in a performance valid research.

The field allows it all.

Qualitative research -> Journalism

What is a publishable piece? Publishers will send it out to 2 or 3 experts in your field and see what they think of it. If it gets rejected, submit it to another journal since it will be seen by another 2 or 3 different people.

Help your reader understand all that you did to make it seem more valid, to convey your point, or to convince your audience.