Qualitative Research – Week 3 – Group Work

Met today with my group (James LeoAna Cuellar) to decide upon the technology setting we want to observe. Great conversation, easy going group, direct and efficient. We came up with the following for now… 

How does the adoption of technology impact the learning experiences of students with disruptive tendencies and/or lower academic achievement?

To answer this question, we are interested either in A) observing the impact of a education technology specifically designed to improve student behavior or B) observing whether a learning technology changes student behavior despite not being created for that purpose.

We sent our Professor (Denise Clark Pope) and T.A. Petr Johanes an email with some questions and got responses from both in less than 3 hours! So good to work this way…

Our questions:

“We are hoping you can give us some feedback on this progress before we reach out to potential interviewees. 

We are also curious about the order of the observation and interviews – can we interview a teacher pre-technology use, then observe the class upon tech adoption, then conduct the final interview after the observation? Or are we tied to the observation-interview-interview order?” 

Their responses I will maintain to our group. The result of the feedback will come later 🙂 Can’t spill all the beans right?


After we met, we walked around the School of Engineering’s Future Day and ran into a company we were actually talking about during the meeting: Little Bits!! Talked to Joe, the local representative, teacher, enthusiast and parent about possibly taping into his school to observe the use of this technology in action! Awesome coincidence.

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