Qualitative Research – Week 9 – Class Notes

Did a Fishbowl group activity where we were presented with two ethical dilemmas.

  1. You are running a study with students about cheating. One child talks to their parents about it. The parent calls the dean concerned about ‘cheating’. The dean asks you to provide all the research notes  or else the parent will remove their child from the study. What do you do? Surrender the notes? Talk to the parent about it? Group: remove student from study. not surrender notes.
  2. You are running a study on how students fall behind in the college application process. During an interview, a student clearly is going to miss the deadline since they are not aware of it. Do you tell them about the upcoming deadlines and interfere in the quality of the data of your research?

IMG_1358 IMG_1359

We also talked about our final papers as well as our propositions. Got our feedback from Denise the day after.