Teacher PD – Week 10 – Class Notes

Group Presentation

  • National Writing Project
  • Writing assignment
    • Prompt
      • What do you think about prior to developing a writing assignment?
    • Response (5 minutes to do it)
      • First thing I would do is create a learning objective for the assignment and a rubric for assessing it. I would share this with the students and ask if they understand the assessment and prompt for any suggestions or things they might want to change. I would then show some examples of quality work and have them assess them using the rubric. Lastly I will ask them to list 3 topics they might want to write about. Finally, I would show them some techniques of how to structure their writing in terms of content and flow of ideas.
    • Share with peer
      • Interesting: teacher would do an initial draft then work with the students to polish it up

2nd half

  • National Academy of Sciences Expert Committee Reports (nap.edu)
  • The New Teacher Training Program (tntp.org)
  • National Education Policy Center (nepc.colorado.edu)

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