Thesis presentation v. 1

So I think I am feeling better about my thesis project idea.I narrowed it down to the question:“Is the iPhone a viable platform for casual learning?”I scaled the idea down from the generalist approach I had to an experiment or rehearsal in mobile learning. Here’s the presentation – not the best design (this is Power Point’s standard output)

iPhone for mLearning?

Is the iPhone the first platform that allows for “true” m-learning? Mobile phones have become ubiquitous and indispensable but seldom used as a tool in education mainly because of small screens, slow connection speeds, incompatibilities and complicated interfaces. The iPhone elegantly created a paradigm shift in the way we interact with applications. I want to experiment with this interface as an educational platform. As an example I will be creating a series of photography exercises to be completed by the users and then reviewed by other users of this same application. These exercises are geared towards demonstrating techniques to take … Continue reading “iPhone for mLearning?”

General Update

After much consideration I decided to drop this class to be able to focus on my thesis and some other parallel projects I am working on.I am doing an internship at Sagatiba where I am implementing a mini CRM tool for them to organize their events, contacts, and promotional material.I am also developing an application for a photo exhibit that will allow the visitors to call a number from their cell phones, select their language of preference, and then hear the description and comments of each photograph in the gallery. I will be using Asterisk – an open source platform … Continue reading “General Update”


Mobile Photography Tutorial Application A mobile application with tutorials for taking better photographs with your mobile phone. A web site to process your images, manage them, and share with small groups of people in your group. Description An application on your mobile phone that gives you assignments to improve the quality of the pictures you take with your cell phone. The application will analyze the “best” picture you took for that assignment and suggest improvements to it. These suggestions or tips, depending on the assignment, will be automated or receive feedback from the members of your group. Keywords teaching, mobile, … Continue reading “(Untitled)”

Thesis – spin on initial idea

Mobile Class Management Platform A web tool for teachers and students to collaborate inside and outside of class adding cell phones as a method to interact and update the system. A mash up of blogs, wikis, forums, web albums, video blogs, and file sharing geared towards a classroom setting. The tool that all ITP teachers would want to use. The “basic” platform would be a web interface that allows teachers to manage the collaboration and sharing of students online. Sign up to mailing lists, forums, wikis and so on. Cellphones would be integrated to the platform’s functioning to allow for … Continue reading “Thesis – spin on initial idea”