Day 29 – Chetumal to Belize City

So we crossed Mexico!!The border crossing wasn't that bad after all – a few procedures though:1. Pay a fee for having stayed longer than 7 days in Mexico1a – Get cash at an ATM to pay the fee2. Cancel the Mexican insurance3. Go through the border4. Go through the "free zone" between the two countries5. Get the bikes sprayed5a. Get money in the free zone bank to pay the bike spray6. Go through Belize immigration7. Go through Belize customs8. Go through the border9. Get Belize insurance (required)Uff!!The language spoken here is English… we got so used to asking things in … Continue reading “Day 29 – Chetumal to Belize City”

Phrase of the Day

"Trajen perico?" (Are you bringing any cocaine?) asked the Military officer"Que es perico?" I innocently replied knowing what he meant…He then proceeded to walk around our bikes with a device that looked more like a vibrator with a TV antenna attached at right angle to the tip. The antenna swung towards my headlights and then swung towards Marc's top case… at that point he gave up and let us go.Quite unlikely that such a small device with no buttons, no display or LED lights was a drug sniffer…

Day 28 – Palenque to Chetumal

We saw the our first Mayan ruins today! Very impressive in terms of size and how intricate the cities were – several buildings with many divisions within.We ran into two other motorcyclists from Texas riding BMW GS 1200 Adventures – nice guys – they were in Cancun for a wedding and were heading back to the US.The road was pretty straight and boring – swamps and flatlands all the way pretty much – but it made for good progress. We did 320 miles today leaving at 2pm and arriving around 9pm.No major incidents apart from being stopped twice at Military … Continue reading “Day 28 – Palenque to Chetumal”

Blog procedure

As Marc pointed out it is sometimes hard to follow which videos the blog postings are referring to so from now on I will be posting text and then when I get the video up I will add it to the same post… so check back on the post to see if there are new videos 🙂I posted one for day 27 below…Also on the top right corner I included a link to all of the videos…

Day 27 – Tuxla Gutierrez to Palenque

Wow – what a day!!The morning ride from Tuxla to San Cristobal de las Casas was amazingly beautiful – the temperature dropped quite a bit – felt very very nice. The road was excellent and San Cristobal was very cute. Had a colonial feel to it with indigenous population. As Marc put it, it was the first time we got a real feel for Mexican culture.The ride then got really interesting.It was only 100 miles to Palenque… we were warned that it would take about 4 hours and that the roads were very windy… the sky was gray… but we … Continue reading “Day 27 – Tuxla Gutierrez to Palenque”