Tech 4 Learners – Week 6 – Reading Assignment

Assignment “Teachable Agents and the Protégé Effect: Increasing the Effort Towards Learning” (Chase, Chin, Oppezzo, & Schwartz, 2009) is a research article reporting on two studies.  Please pay special attention to the two “methods” sections, and the “general discussion” at the end.  Post 3 paragraphs that describe in your own words what each of the two studies did, and what you think the important take-aways may be from this research. Response The research’s primary goal was to investigate further the use of TA’s to increase cognitive gains. Using a software where the student can create concept maps for chains of causal relationships, they were given a passage on “Fever”. … Continue reading “Tech 4 Learners – Week 6 – Reading Assignment”


So, turning 41 today… on my way to planning the next 40+ years of my life 🙂 Got myself the new AppleTV which now accepts Apps from developers! Exciting possibilities I see for education… potentialize “Joint Media Engagement” to enhance cognitive gains of educational entertainment. At night went out with Dri, Ricky and Marcos to the Sundance Steakhouse for dinner then some drinks in downtown Palo Alto. Nice and calm 🙂

LDT Seminar – Who Am I?

So my turn came up to talk about myself for all the LDTers in class 🙂 I am pretty sure they recorded – going to ask Keith to send it to me. Here are the slides: The second half of the class was VERY productive. Working with Reuben we explored the problem area we are searching about : scaffolding the scaffolder; how to help people create good courses. One big take-away for me was to look at how do extract value from experts.