Engineering Education – Week 9.1 – Reading Notes

Reading:  Ambrose, 2010, “How Learning Works” “Conclusion: Applying the Seven Principles to Ourselves” and “Appendices” Summary:  Loved the very practical and direct appendices and the acknowledgment of how complex (but not impossible) to teach well and considerately. Some of the strategies are quite simple to implement but with potentially great impacts for the learning and quality of work produced by the students. Notes:  Teaching is complex “To develop mastery in teaching, we need to acquire its component skills, integrate them, and apply them appropriately. Of course, this requires that we first unpack the multifaceted task of teaching.” (Ambrose, 2010) Formative feedback … Continue reading “Engineering Education – Week 9.1 – Reading Notes”

Engineering Education – Week 8.2 – Reading Notes

Reading:  Ambrose, “How Learning Works.” Chapter 7: “How do Students Become Self-Directed Learners?” Summary   Growth mindset keeps coming to mind obviously, along with the notion that metacognition must be taught starting much earlier than college. But to do so, one must focus on first teaching it to the professors and teachers, who most likely were never taught the topic either. Beyond simply teaching about it, one must recognize that self-monitoring, self-evaluating, planning and so on, are cognitively demanding tasks that must come with high motivation to be adopted by someone who is already overloaded with their practice, research, and work. The … Continue reading “Engineering Education – Week 8.2 – Reading Notes”

Topics in Brazilian Education – Week 8 – Class Notes

We had the opportunity to hear from Engin Walter Bumbacher on “Remote Biology Laboratories for Model-based Science Inquiry”  “Recent curricular frameworks (NGSS, 2013) are pushing for scientifically more authentic inquiry-based curricula that integrate relevant scientific practices revolving around data, models and theory. However, there are various obstacles to the classroom implementations of such a view of inquiry that range from logistical, structural and economic constraints (Abd-El-Khalick et al., 2004) to teachers’ knowledge and beliefs about science (Wallace & Kang, 2004). I argue that another important obstacle is the lack of proper learning tools and environments that integrate all the practices, yet that … Continue reading “Topics in Brazilian Education – Week 8 – Class Notes”

Engineering Education – Week 8.1 – Reading Notes

Ambrose, 2007, Chapter 3: “What Factors Motivate Students to Learn?” Motivation -> towards a goal Subjective: values of the goals Expectancies: what do you expect out of it Goals Multiple goals are usually in operation simultaneously Conflicting, simultaneous, and even synergic goals – potentially reinforcing Performance goals “Performance goals involve protecting a desired self-image and projecting a positive reputation and public persona” Two kinds Performance-approach goals: focus on attaining competence Performance-avoidant goals: focus on avoiding incompetence Learning goals Produce deeper understanding Work-avoidant goals Finish as fast as possible with minimum effort possible Affective goals Social goals Values Attainment value Pleasure … Continue reading “Engineering Education – Week 8.1 – Reading Notes”

Engineering Education – Week 6&7 Assignments

Finally catching up with the homework and blog posts… here are the assignments for the last 2 weeks: EdTech Game Critique Assignment Empirical cognitive task analysis Learning Outcomes Assessment Readings Jan L. Plass, Bruce D. Homer & Charles K. Kinzer (2015) Foundations of Game-Based Learning, Educational Psychologist, 50:4, 258-283  Response: I highly appreciated the reading in the sense that it does not claim to have found a holistic and generalizable theory or framework for game-based learning. It comprehensively analyzes the several aspects or considerations one takes (or should take) into account when designing a game-based learning experience, and concludes that … Continue reading “Engineering Education – Week 6&7 Assignments”

2 day update

Full days! May 12 Started early at the DMV where I got a renewed temporary license while Homeland Security verifies my legal status in the US… it’s been 5 months… did I do something wrong? Hehehehe I talked to Max from General Assembly where we discussed how I might help them with their new iOS curriculum and hopefully work more closely in the future. I then rushed back to school to have lunch and go to work at my internship at VPTL. There I talked to Grace about my future plans and the possibilities of continuing our work there. Also … Continue reading “2 day update”

Big Update

This past week has been crazy with a change in my Master’s project and searching for a job. I was unable to keep up with the blog postings so I decided today to do a quick overview of the past week since the last post: Sunday, May 1 Went to a flower shop 🙂 Bounced some tennis balls of the wall Decided upon a road bike instead of another hybrid – more hand positions, faster, more efficient, and makes me want to go on long rides again. Tuesday, May 3 Attended a workshop on Optional Practical Training (OPT) at the Bechtel … Continue reading “Big Update”

Internship – Week 6

Met with Alison to talk about helping Professor Thomas Schultz with the creation of an online course on Schoenberg’s Opus. Also met with Grace earlier this week to talk about my Master’s project and summer internship – decided to go forward with it to get more experience in Instructional Design and the difficulties one faces when planning and creating online courses. Good stuff 🙂