Qualitative Research – Final Reflection

Assignment Individual Process Paper Requirements This paper is a final reflection on the process of doing qualitative research. In this paper you should: Describe your growth as a qualitative researcher over the past 10 weeks using concrete details and examples to demonstrate areas of growth as well as areas you are still mastering Reveal how you are pushing yourself toward new understandings, especially concerning the complexity of the research process Connect your experience to class readings and class discussions. Show us some key topic areas you are grappling with… Be sure to use proper APA format You may want to revisit past … Continue reading “Qualitative Research – Final Reflection”

Qualitative Research – Final Product

Great working with James and Ana in this project! Text version below and nicely formatted version here: Final Product.pdf ABSTRACT In this qualitative study, individuals involved with the Learning Innovation Hub (iHub) were studied to address the research question, “How does iHub facilitate collaboration between educators and entrepreneurs to promote education technology innovation and adoption?” To this end, an observation of the iHub fall 2015 orientation and two interviews with iHub Manager Anita Lin were conducted over the course of three weeks. iHub was found to facilitate collaboration between teachers and startups by seeing teachers as key agents in edtech adoption … Continue reading “Qualitative Research – Final Product”

Qualitative Research – Week 10 – Class Notes

Group discussion on first half of the class about McDermott’s readings. Very interesting discusssion all over. Denise was very happy with all that we learned and how deep our discussions were. Second half of class we talke about ‘alternative/artistic’ research. Poets and dancers choose to present data through their art. Are novels research? The Dead Poet Society could be as valuable as research – don’t care about the source as long as it promotes learning and interesting observations Arts based qualitative researches Research goes into the process of creating art, but is the expression of it in a performance valid … Continue reading “Qualitative Research – Week 10 – Class Notes”

Qualitative Reasearch – Week 10 – Reading Assignment

Experimental cognitive psychology did not analyze individuals ‘in the wild’ “Experimental cognitive psychology, we concluded, was condemned to a life of ecological invalidity; there was no systematic way of reasoning from experimental results to a description of individuals living out their institutional lives together (Cole, Hood, & Mc- Dermott, 1978). ”  McDerrnott, R., 1993, p. 270 Learning Disabilities are not a description of the individual, it is a label created by the system that fails the learner “A fiber cannot make a rope, and the very existence of a rope arranges for the fibers to disappear as units of analysis.a … Continue reading “Qualitative Reasearch – Week 10 – Reading Assignment”

Qualitative Research – Week 10 – Group Meeting

Met with Ana and James at the Starbucks in down town Palo Alto to talk about our propositions and main hypothesis of what we observed in terms of Tech Adoption and iHub. Here are some of the updates: Abstract (Ana): Problem statement: How do third party organizations facilitate productive technology adoption practices between schools and education technology companies? How does iHub facilitate education technology innovation? How does iHub facilitate collaboration between educators and entrepreneurs to promote education technology innovation? Propositions: (Lucas): iHub’s activities revolve mainly around teachers iHub’s emphasis is on supporting teachers iHub focuses mainly on supporting teachers iHub … Continue reading “Qualitative Research – Week 10 – Group Meeting”

Qualitative Research – Week 9 – Class Notes

Did a Fishbowl group activity where we were presented with two ethical dilemmas. You are running a study with students about cheating. One child talks to their parents about it. The parent calls the dean concerned about ‘cheating’. The dean asks you to provide all the research notes  or else the parent will remove their child from the study. What do you do? Surrender the notes? Talk to the parent about it? Group: remove student from study. not surrender notes. You are running a study on how students fall behind in the college application process. During an interview, a student … Continue reading “Qualitative Research – Week 9 – Class Notes”

Qualitative Research – Week 9 – Reading Notes

Reading Assignment Altork, K. (1998). You Never Know When You Might Want to Be a Redhead in Belize. In K. deMarrais (Ed.) Inside Stories: Qualitative Research Reflections. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. pp. 111-125. Lincoln, Y. (2000). Narrative Authority vs. Perjured Testimony: Courage, Vulnerability and Truth. Qualitative Studies in Education 13(2), pp. 131-138. Page, R., Samson, Y., and Crockett, M. (1998). Reporting Ethnography to informants. Harvard Educational Review, 68 (3), 299-332. (review) Notes “You Never Know When You Might Want to Be a Redhead in Belize” Goldie: the ‘depressed and alcoholic’ friend Putting words in the mouth of – there was … Continue reading “Qualitative Research – Week 9 – Reading Notes”

Qualitative Research – Week 9 – Assignment Tech Adoption

Group meeting to talk about propositions for our observations and interviews with Anita from SVEF. It seems like we were not very clear on how high level, theoretical or far fetched could the propositions be. Anastasia then showed hers and it clicked for me… we have to make claims about the topic at hand that can be supported by direct evidence such as quotes, observations, documentation. Not to mention the fact that we had not done the actual coding – we had come up with the coding scheme but had not collected the evidence yet. I went ahead and did … Continue reading “Qualitative Research – Week 9 – Assignment Tech Adoption”