To start off I must say that I am glad to leave Doha… the prices here are absurd!
I had one clean t-shirt left in my bag so I had to do laundry. I searched town for a laundry but found none. Had to do it at the hotel. Came out to be USD 100!!!!! I complained and all I got was that I should have asked before hand.
Then at the the airport my bike was in excess weight… fine… it was 25kg over the 30kg allowance. Turns out that I would have to pay USD 500!!!!! I complained and complained saying that I did not have to pay anything to come to Qatar – mind you – it is the same ticket!! Paris to Hong Kong via Doha. They reduced it to 10kg of excess leaving me without an option but pay USD 325!!! And hey were pissed off that I was complaining.
At least the WiFi is free here at the airport. Ufff…