Doha last day

So… drove around some more and went to a fort about 20km outside of Doha called Umm Salal Mohammed Fort – as per the guide’s description it was built during the late 19th century and has high thick walls and an “impressive” facade. “Inside the fort, you will find several examples of architectural and decorative elements.”
Well… couldn’t go inside anywhere.
In any case, took some more pictures of all the construction that is going on around town. Very impressed by how much of it is going on… I also lost track of how many bridges are already erected with no roads on either side.
Here are the pictures:

Tonight is going to be another hassle… have to check out of the hotel at 4pm… could be worse – a 12pm check out – and then hang around waiting for my flight which leaves at 1am!! Guess I am going to be able to finish my book “Guns, Germs, and Steel – The Fates of Human Societies” by Jarred Diamond. An interesting account of how agriculture, language, politics, and the spread of civilization occurred in the world, focusing on why it developed faster in some areas and not in others.

One thought on “Doha last day

  1. longoeu

    tourist´s life isn´t easy!
    we arrived last night to portillo and will go to rental procedures.
    what a strange world-this doha tour – so much money and backwardness…

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