Expanding Interactive Video Final

Going to continue with my Eye Tracking idea… here are some pictures of the device I have built…

Eye Tracking

Need to change/enhance the application:

  1. Improve eye tracking code
    1. Edge detection on pupil
    2. Calculate relative position of cornea reflection and pupil
    3. Calibration procedure
  2. Instead of pulling pictures from Flickr, use “local” pictures
    1. Select the pictures in a “meaningful” way – by color, theme or emotion?
  3. Show the “winner” after each slide
  4. Log what pictures are winners
  5. Create a web page with results

Still working on the “purpose” of this project other than the rating tool… want to try to draw some kind of conclusion from the “experiment”.

Some other ideas that are swirling in my head:

  1. Blur areas of picture/video eyes are not looking at
    1. User using the eye tracking device would see it all in focus
    2. “Audience” would see the in-focus and out of focus areas
  2. Present an out of focus video/picture. Wherever user looks at more, it start to come into focus

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