Google Analytics

I have recently included Google Analytics on my blog and now I am addicted to it… you can track where people are coming from to see your blog, how often they come back, what page they read and much more.
Maybe not such a novelty but I found it fascinating and very easy to implement… check it out HERE!
And it seems like the more I post, the most visitors I get – obvious? Sure… but fascinating to see how it spreads. At first it was only people in Brazil and here in NY… now somehow it is reaching as far out as Japan, Indonesia, India…
Yeah yeah… geeky… but very cool 🙂

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  1. you should take a look at plugins available for wordpress:

    then, you should consider using wordpress over this blogger platform – there are lots more mods available.
    wordpress can import all your posts and such. i did it with my blogger blog to wordpress.

    finally, for more tracking goodness, you can also try

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