Long Day!

Started out as a very lazy day in bed sadly watching the rain pour out of the sky wondering what the heck I was going to do if the rain did not stop. Went down for breakfast, came back up, watched some more TV… at around 11 the color outside changed… the sun is out!
Got my “gear” together (minus my wallet) and went out. This time my money and credit card in my pocket.
Started going up the escalators to the Mid Levels – there must be 20 or 30 escalators that take you up and up and up. Incredible addition to all of the walkways in the city. Videos coming shortly….
It was so hot again that my camera fogged up INSIDE – can’t be good for the CMOS chip or the lens.
Strolled around the Zoo and Botanical Garden – not that exciting.
Walked back down to the sea level and got on a cruise around the bay – nice view point of the Hong Kong skyline + there was a recording talking about each building and location we passed by… quite instructive.
Once I came back I was thinking “what the hell am I going to do now?”. To be honest, I am getting a little tired of aimless sightseeing… going to places just because they are there to be visited.
Walking along the harbor I saw another ferry… this one would take me to Lama Island… had no idea what I would find there but took it anyway. After 30 minutes on board, heading towards the south of Hong Kong island we got to a small bay on Lama Island where there seemed to be no roads, a bunch of seafood restaurants and a hiking path! Great!
Started going uphill and ran into a cemetery. Out of respect I decided not to take pictures but went ahead and explored a pathway marked by an arch – no idea what was written on it. I reach a closed gate with a notice posted on it saying that electrical service was suspended for lack of payment… interesting… not even temples (if it was a temple) was allowed some months without pay.
As I was going back down the path I hear to dogs running down from the “temple” towards me… I pick up the pace… I hear a metallic thud and think that the gate stopped the dogs on their tracks. Well… it stopped only one of the dogs who kept barking at the gate. But the other dog went through the gate and was running towards me – I could not see him yet – just heard him running. I thought of running as well but then that would be it… the perfect excuse for it to get me. So I turned around and finally saw this mixture of German Shepard and some local bread. This dog was big! So I whistled and him friendly… that didn’t stop him… so instead I became aggressive – I shouted and clapped my hands and at the same time continued to go down the path… uff!! That stopped him.
With renewed energy and tons of adrenaline in my blood I went on the marked trail around the island. The vegetation reminds me a little of the Brazilian one…
At night went out to meet Thomas… we went bar hopping around Lan Kwai Fong for a little bit. He then left and I went on to Wan Chai – another “entertainment” district. There I found a bunch of regular bars packed with people and also a bunch of not so regular bars with girls pulling you in, offering massages, a free beer and so on… went into a couple of them only to find a typical film setting of a bunch of drunk westerners and hoards of small Asian girls trying to make a buck. Quite depressing actually.

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