So finally in Tokyo – this was the place the one that motivated me to go on this entire trip to tell you the truth… well, this and going to Portugal and Barcelona to visit my friends and cousin.
Woke up at 6am and went to the airport – the city was already completely covered in smog. The security at the airport was CRAZY! If you think in the US it was bad, here it is worth. Fill out 4 different forms. Go through customs, immigration THEN you do the check-in. Then you have to open all of your bags, answer a bunch of questions, show the ticket that you are leaving Japan, then put your checked bags through scanners… then at the gate more scanners, more questions, open all your carry on items and go through yet another passport check.
The flight was then delayed for 2 hours because the air corridor over Korea was crowded so we had to wait on the ground for our turn to fly over Korea.
Then you arrive in Tokyo… gentle service… the buses come every 5 minutes… even the bus driver speaks English… it’s a long ride though – about 50km – but a very comfortable bus – no cell phones allowed. Got off at Shinjuku Station and walked over to Max’s apartment.
Updated blog, replied to emails, and now chatting with Anais waiting for Max to come back from work.
Tomorrow more pictures! Happy to be here 🙂