Idea for Google Maps Street View

Wouldn’t be too hard to do a Google Maps driving directions with Street View sequences for mobile.Lower end cell phones would page through images of major landmarks or intersections.Higher end phones (3G & GPS) would have an animated gif (sequence of images).Google Maps on the iPhone does a step by step that looks very good and similar to what I am suggesting…

Ineresting article – Google bidding for airwaves

Google wants to built an open wireless network that would accept any device, cell phone or service.AT&T and Verizon try to protect their interests by lobbying against Google’s proposals.But I think it is a logical step based on the internet model… they want customers to access all they have on the web, but on a wireless network.Cell phones already have full web browsers and broadband speeds , just wireless…Why shouldn’t that be “open source” as well?Much cheaper than laying down fiber… FCC to Rule on Wireless Auction –

iPhone Review

So… I couldn’t resist and got an iPhone – well, got it for a friend of mine in Brazil but obviously I’m testing it already before I take it to him 🙂 The interface itself, as everyone knows, is just the slickest phone interface out there… and it is fast… no waiting to go from one application or menu to the other… sure, the EDGE/GSM network is a lot slower than EVDO/CDMA data network but really, it’s good enough. The beauty of it I think is that the improvements that can (and will be done I am sure) are all … Continue reading “iPhone Review”

Notes on Chinese Tea

Was looking through some stuff left from the trip and found this very interesting list of teas and their effects that I got while I was in Beijing (had to “translate” a little from the strange English)1. Litchi Tea (Black Tea) – stimulates the appetite. Add rose bud tea to reduce age spots.2. Green Tea – enhances memory, reduces alcohol and cigarette hangovers, postpones aging and resists cancer3. Imperial Oolong Tea – warms up the stomach, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammations, add red dates to improve your blood quality.4. Jasmine Tea – cools you down, improves live functions, improves the … Continue reading “Notes on Chinese Tea”

Back in the US thoughts

So… back in NY for almost a week now… it is hot and humid here and all very familiar. I think what strikes me the most, comparing the US to Asia (Japan mostly) is that everything is big here – the streets, the sidewalks, the cars, the food portions, and the people. The subway though… ridiculously small, no air conditioning in the stations, and very old and dirty. Granted that it is one of the oldest subway systems in the world but in a world hub like NY you would expect a little more out of it. I heard that … Continue reading “Back in the US thoughts”