Day 58 – Chiclayo to Huaraz

Oh my god – absolutely exhausted, drained, but very happy! Started at 11am and drove till 5pm through the desert with tiring cross winds. We stopped for lunch in Trujillo where I ate too much. Not good because we passed through a port town called Chimbote that had an unbelievable stench that turned my stomach inside out, as well as it’s contents ๐Ÿ™Around 5pm we took a left to start climbing up to Huaraz. The road was absolutely stunning. Then The asphalt disappeared. Fun! 30 miles to the town – no problem!3 hours later, dark, exhausted, dizzy from the altitude … Continue reading “Day 58 – Chiclayo to Huaraz”

New Photos, Videos, Questions and a Best Of by Marc!!

New videos for days 54, 55, 56 and 57 have been uploaded!! New photos for days 55, 56, and 57 have been added!! Questions for those avid readers of this blog: 1. Has the text become less interesting? 2. Have the videos become more interesting? 3. What would you change, add, remove? Keep thinking of a better way to present this story once it is complete… AND Marc’s compilation of the best moments so far! Really cool ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 57 – Mancora to Chiclayo

It was great waking up with the ocean right at the doorstep of the room. Went out early in the morning to take some pictures and a quick dip in the ocean then the swimming pool – felt really good after such a long day yesterday. After breakfast we hit the road and immediately saw that this region of Northern Peru along the coast is a big desert. The roads are quite good and quite scenic. We took a quick break around 1pm and kept on heading south towards Chiclayo. At one point we went by a gas station and … Continue reading “Day 57 – Mancora to Chiclayo”

Day 56 – Riobamba, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru

LOOOOOONG day – started at 9am and ended at 9pm!Good riding this morning along the mountains of Ecuador – quite chilly – and high up – we could notice that the bikes had a lot less power and consumed less gasoline at these altitudes.Around noon we started the descent towards the coast – the sky was gray the entire day but fortunately no rain.We had around 300 miles to cover today since between Riobamba and Mancora there isn't much in terms of tourism at all – it is quite a rural area with poor villages along the way.The border… well… … Continue reading “Day 56 – Riobamba, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru”

Day 55 1/2 – Quito to Riobamba

Marc's bike got ready around 3pm. We geared up and hit the road. Initially the weather cooperated but then the grey clouds covered the entire scenery and drenched us to the bones, not to mention that we are at 3000 meters high (9000 feet) so it was pretty chilly!We got to Riobamba still during daylight and found a town busting with activity. Many small hotels and restaurants.We followed the guide book's suggestion and stayed in a hotel just outside of town called El Troje.No high speed internet so updating from my iPhone and a roaming data connection ๐Ÿ™‚The hotel is … Continue reading “Day 55 1/2 – Quito to Riobamba”

Day 55 – Quito

Went to the dealer really early and got them to start working straight away. The "automatico" of the starter – I'm guessing it translates to the induction coils – got burnt.Fortunately there was a shop close to the dealer that had one for us to purchase.But this entire process takes a LONG time for a while – it's 1:30pm.We're having lunch and will go back shortly. The plan is to get to Riobamba today – about 3 hours from here.

Day 54 – Ibarra to Quito

Day started well with the hotel guys cleaning our bikes and us getting Marc’s starter to work.We looked at the starter and the wire casings were all melted leaving the metal exposed and thereby shorting the circuit. We put some electrical tape around the wires and it fired up!On the way though, the problem came back to haunt us. We were on our way to Quito’s BMW dealer anyway to have it checked out.The ride was beautiful though not as nice as yesterday’s and full of tolls, which equated to nearly perfect roads.We completely missed the line of the equator … Continue reading “Day 54 – Ibarra to Quito”